moving bins - An Overview

Using plastic storage bins in your home is a great way to organize your stuff and clean up clutter at a relatively low cost (especially if they are purchased on sale).

There are a great number of uses for these bins, people use these plastic bins to store clothes; shoes; items set aside for recycling; bulk foods; offseason bedding (blankets, flannel sheets); holiday/seasonal decorations; business files/old tax returns; tapes/cds/dvds; kids toys or stuffed animals; hobby and craft items; organizing the clutter in the linen closet or under the bathroom sink; gardening tools; and the list uses goes on and on.

Plastic storage bins are sold online at various websites, they are also sold in many stores (department stores, hardware stores, and craft stores) and are made by several different manufacturers. The come in various sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. They are very durable, reusable, and last for years.

These storage bins come in many sizes (for example, shoebox size to a several gallon size); many shapes (for example a long, flat style that will fit under a bed to conserve space); and lid styles (for example, snap shut or lockable), and some styles have wheels.

For example, if you are placing bin(s) in your child's room for toy storage, since the bins come in a wide array of colors, you will be able to purchase a bin the will match the room d├ęcor. Many people purchase a different color bin(s) for each member of the family. So when moving or items are store in or out of the home the color of the bin is assigned to a family member. Other people take advantage of the colors to color code for storing holiday/seasonal items. For example, an orange bin can be used to store Halloween decorations. A red or green bin can be used to store Christmas decorations or wrapping paper. A blue bin can be used for storing 4th of July decorations, and...well you get the idea. As you can see color coding makes it very easy to determine what is in each bin with these methods.

Many people when organizing their closets or workspaces with plastic bins prefer to purchase the clear bins so they can easily view the contents. These bins work great for storing purses, shoes, or belts in your closet. The use of bins is also a great option if living in dorm or a small apartment that lacks dresser or closet space.

Many of these bins are stackable in order to conserve space. The bins that are stackable will have an extra lip on the lid to prevent stacked boxes from slipping off each other.

Since these bins are made of plastic they are waterproof and airtight, so if bins are stored in basement, outside, or in areas that may collect water the contents remain safe and dry. By storing items click here in plastic bins, you do not have a problem with mildew, mold, or mice damaging the contents. Utilizing this bins is also great if you frequently move, your items are already packed and ready to load on the truck!

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